Caricature/Person Piñata


Your friends and family might wonder why you’re smashing a piñata with their face on it. But we say a custom piñata is the highest form of flattery. For best results, upload a few photos of your piñata inspiration! A few different angles will help our artists to really capture them in piñata form.

(max file size 100 MB)

*Our Piñatas can be the traditional smash it or pull the string option.

*You get to choose! You can order a Smash piñata where you get to smash it open, or a pull-string piñata. What is the difference between a pull-string piñata and regular piñata?

Pull piñatas are designed with pull strings, making them a different option to smashing piñatas. Rather than whacking the piñata with a buster, each person takes a string and pulls to release the prizes inside! The pull piñatas are built like regular piñatas, with a few exceptions. First, it has a secret trap door. Secondly, it has several ribbons that hang from the bottom. However, only one “lucky” ribbon is attached to the trap door that opens when the ribbon is pulled, allowing all the goodies to spill out.

At the end, you still have a smashing piñata to use any which way you would like. Hmm…maybe a decoration for a room or business? Or, fill it again and smash it?

Please allow 10 business days turnaround time!

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